Payout Programs

Enjoy WEEKLY PAYOUTS! We offer the highest payouts in the industry to maximize your traffic into cold, hard cash. Use any of the programs below to get started. Stick with one or mix and match to find the best payout for your traffic. Below is a brief overview of each of our highest paying affiliate programs. Click on the program's name for full details. Get started by signing up today!

Lifetime Revenue Sharing(RevShare)

The Lifetime Revenue Sharing (RevShare) program pays you WEEKLY up to 35% every time your RevShare customers spends on our sites. This is a LIFETIME REVSHARE meaning you are paid every time those users spends money for the life of their account. At the end of each weekly pay period (which runs Monday through Sunday), your customer spend percentages reset and your commissions are sent to you immediately. Get paid per sale by Check, Direct Deposit, or Western Union it's up to you!

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Model Referral Program

The Model Referral (MR) Program is one of a variety of our highest paying programs. With model recruitment, we pay you 10% of the earnings of each webcam model that you refer to any of our websites for 6 months. (To qualify, the model must be not have been a model of our sites for at least 6 months).

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